Four Strategies to Minimize Snoring

The strategies described below may reduce or eliminate your snoring. No matter what treatment you pursue for snoring or obstructive sleep apnea, these recommendations will have a positive effect on its outcome.

  1. Sleep on your side. Sleeping in this position counteracts the effects of gravity and can reduce or eliminate snoring.
  2. Normalize your weight. People who are overweight can reduce snoring and apnea symptoms by losing weight. Proper diet and exercise are the keys to losing and maintaining an appropriate weight.
  3. Relieve nasal congestion. Reducing nasal congestion can help decrease snoring. Nasal sprays can be prescribed by your physician. (Note: Over-the-counter nasal sprays should not be used longer than a few days.) Nasal strips which increase nasal air flow may also be beneficial.
  4. Avoid alcohol or sleeping pills within four hours of bedtime. Consumption of alcohol or sleeping pills will cause relaxation of the soft tissues and muscles in the airway and will make sleep apnea or snoring worse.

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