All snorers should be evaluated by a physician or sleep disorders specialist before pursuing treatment, especially if they:

  • Wake unrefreshed in the morning,
  • Fall asleep easily during the daytime at inappropriate times (while watching TV, reading, driving, or in meetings), or
  • Have periodic stoppages of snoring or breathing during sleep, as observed by their bed partner.
  • Your doctor's evaluation will probably include:
  • A complete medical history and a history of your snoring and related symptoms. It is helpful if your bed partner is present at this evaluation to help answer the doctor's questions. A tape recording of the sounds you make while sleeping may also be helpful to the doctor.
  • A complete physical examination to assess the presence of obstructive sleep apnea or other sleep disorders or health problems. If the doctor suspects that obstructive sleep apnea is present, additional testing of your sleep may be necessary. This testing is done at a sleep disorders center where you are monitored during sleep. Sometimes the physician can do simple screening tests at home with a monitoring unit that can be used while sleeping in your bed.

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